220 West 31st Street New York, NY 10001
phone: 212. 643. 8623
fax: 212. 560. 8970

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"Where else can you get a large soup with bread and fruit (varies - apple, orange, plum, etc) for $4.91 total? There are at least 15 different soups every day. They also offer combos with a half sandwich, though that selection is quite limited."
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"Their tagline is "Yes, Soup for You!", and that's just the start of the great experience you will have to your taste buds delight when you visit this hole-in-the-wall soup place. They always have a variety of hearty and wholesome soups on hand (everyday they offer at least 5-10 new soups from the prior day). Their service, as indicated in the title of this review is courteous and efficient."
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"Now that the weather's cold, the Serious Eats staff has been eating a lot of soup from The Soup Spot. And it's not just us. During lunchtime and well beyond, there's routinely a line for this tiny takeout place nestled within a parking garage on West 31st Street. The scene is somewhat reminiscent of the "Soup Nazi" on Seinfeld except that the people here are actually nice—with no discernible sacrifice in efficiency or quality."
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"Sweet Mother of All That is Holy - This is Great Soup. Bisque, Chowders, Broths, Stew and Jambalaya ....you name it, the Soup Spot makes a delicious version of it for a tasty Midtown lunch."
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"Soup Spot is a great soup eatery. Fresh soup every day. I have eaten there at least 50 times. Never a problem."
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"Talk about hitting the spot”-there’s “soup for everyone” at this standout choice for “lunch near Penn Station” ladling “varied”, “hearty” selections both “traditional and creative” with flavor that “approaches homemade”...Rated very good to excellent" - Zagat

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